Hi everyone!
I just want to extend a very big thank you  to everyone that’s been praying for my family and myself. We all appreciate it so so very much. Though this past two weeks has been extremely challenging, first my brother, then we lost my aunt, the same day we lost a friend at my others aunts church, then this Monday morning losing another aunt, we have still been able to see that God has shone His light of grace upon us. It is amazing how everything can be so dark and sad, yet God brings His loving light to break through the clouds! I am not going to lie it wasn’t so easy to see, the clouds were to thick, but with help and prayers from all of you, we were able to see His light once again. What could we have taken away from so much loss that would make us smile and see His light? Just one word, family. So often we lose sight of how much of a blessing family is. Yes sometimes they are a pain in the backside, but you only get one family. You can’t exchange them or change them. In the same way they can’t do the same for you. I am not just talking about blood relatives, they’re included but not the only ones. There is also the family we have in Christ! We are all brothers and sisters! I am so blessed for the family I have that includes all of you as well! Despite feeling sad and the pains of loss we can see now more than ever that we are all extremely blessed. Have a beautiful God filled day!

Prayer request

Hey all! I hope your week has been God filled! I am asking for prayers again for my brother.
Lord I ask that you be with him. Guide him, give him strength, grant him all that you are. Be with him in all that he does. Let him see the bright future You have planned for him. Let him see all that You are! I pray this in Jesus name Amen, Amen.
Thank you God bless all of you and your families!

Prisoners Of Hope

Pen of the Sheep:

This was written by a dear friend I met here on WordPress! I just love this! It is exactly what I needed tonight! I just pray my brother hears this message when I talk to him tomorrow. He is still in the hospital but is showing signs of progress. Thank the Lord!!! God bless all of you and your families!

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“Return to the stronghold,

You prisoners of hope.”  Zechariah 9:12

Hope can be a stronghold.

Thank You,  Lord, for setting us free to hope.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Rescued from

the waterless pit

we are now

His prisoners of hope

set free to believe

love and trust

in the center of

His strong hold.

God bless you as you hope in Him today!

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Fellowship friday

Most of all you guys are my fellowship Friday! Your prayers are what I am grateful for this week! My whole family thanks you all so very much for taking the time to pray for my brother see original post here! Though it’s been quite the week yesterday he (my brother) re-admitted himself to the hospital after refusing treatment once he woke up Wednesday. So we all thank you very much for your prayer and may God bless each and every one of you and your beautiful families! On the topic of prayer here is a lighter bit of news this week!


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Please please please URGENT prayer request!!!!

Please if you are awake right now and on WP please pray for my brother!!!!! He just tried to kill himself!!! Please pray they are able to save him!!!!! I am begging anyone who reads this to please please pray for him!!!!! He such a tower of strength for me and everyone around him, he has fallen on VERY difficult times and I don’t know, he is so much stronger than this!!!! Please!! I need him to see God the way he once did! He is so lost. I am begging for God to lay His healing hand upon him. Thank you in advance God bless each and every one of you and your families!

Fellowship Friday!

Being an older sibling of a special needs child comes with certain challenges. Even more so for eight year old Noah Aldrich, though not for reasons you may think. Noah is an average eight year old with a six year old brother Lucas. Lucas was born with a malformed brain and because of that he has something called lissencephaly. Lucas is bound to a wheelchair and can not speak, though that doesn’t stop him from showing his pleasure when Noah comes into the room! The two have a very special bond, so much so that when Noah signed up for his local youth triathlon it wasn’t a question of whether Lucas would be watching from the sidelines or if Lucas would participate alongside his brother! Nope Noah pushed, and pulled Lucas through the entire course! The event was a two hundred meter swim, a three mile bike ride and a mile run. Just a little perspective Lucas weighs about fifty pounds and the cart for Noah’s bike to carry Lucas was about forty pounds, that was an additional ninety pounds for eight year old Noah to drag behind him for the entire three mile bike leg! Ninety pounds! I can’t even lift that weight I don’t think! These two brothers are amazing little men! They are a true testament to boundless love! I pray we can all show a sliver of this love with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! God bless all of you and have a safe God filled weekend!
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A prayer for my big brother

This is something I wrote tonight for my big brother, he is in the hospital awaiting surgery to remove a quite large kidney stone. He also has a kidney infection, so he’s not feeling to hot. :-( he has always protected me and guided me when I am facing different trials and tests along with his never ending support, regardless of how stupid I am being. He has such strength and wisdom it’s unbelievable. His passion for standing up for the underdog is absolutely astounding! He truly is a beautiful soul! May I ask that you join me in a prayer of healing for him please? May God continue to bless all of you! Thank you ever so much, Pen of the Sheep.

Always standing up before the test
Never backing down or taking a rest
You always stand strong in front the rest
The weak the strong
You do your best
To help those facing their own personal test
Now my big brother you stand before your own test
You always succeed, usually better than the rest

Stand firm and stand strong the way I know you can
The Lord will deliver you the way I know He can

Deliverance will come your way
Rest easy my big brother and it will go away
Troubles do come, but they never stay
This is because of your way
The way you alway stand and stay
Though trouble often looks like Goliath in a way
We all know that like David, you’ll slay them away

My dear big brother
You truly are like no other

Wearing your heart on your sleeve and your passion in your fists. Stay strong. The way we all know you are and slay these giants as you always have! I love you so very much! You are my protecter and my strength. God will lay His Almighty hand upon your body, mind and spirit to heal all that ails you. Put your faith in Him whom nothing is impossible, and you will be able to see what we already see in you!!

Dear Abba,
I pray that You lay Your Almighty healing hand upon my big brother Lord, be with him and let him know that all things are possible through You. Heal his body, his mind and his spirit Lord. Please work through the doctors and nurses that are attending to him right now. May You guide their hands according to Your merciful and healing will Lord. I ask that You grant him all that You are. I know that You alone can deliver him from all that ails him right now. I humbly pray this in Jesus name Amen, Amen