Fellowship Friday

Hello all and once again happy friday! I actually heard this week’s story on a local radio station and it brought me to tears. If you are not familiar I’ll sum it up really quickly.
A little girl was to afraid to wear her princess dress to go see Cinderella. So her awesome uncle decided to show, rather than tell her, how to be brave. He wore his own princess dress with her to go see the movie! I love this! There are so many reasons I can’t even list them. We need to follow suit and do whatever it takes to encourage children to be who and how they want to be! The possibilities are endless! Just as the Lord encourages us, so too should we encourage the children in our life. That is this week’s little mission! God bless all of you and may you have a safe, fun and God filled weekend!


You can see this story and many more here.


I remember in grade school the teachers teaching us to use proper tenses. Past and present. This seems to be quite the battle for me right now. I almost refuse to refer to Jeffery in a past tense. I know he’s gone. I get that. I just don’t understand how someone can go from being so great and full of life to nothing more than a past tense. Though he is the things we say. His greatness doesn’t seize to exist just because physically he is gone. So saying he was a great man implies that he is no longer a great man. I don’t know if it’s justĀ  denial or what it is but I just don’t like it! I don’t like any of this to be honest. He is(was) so unbelievably supportive of my writing. Pushy even at times. I don’t know, there are so many small things that are getting under my skin. I may be picking at the small stuff. This whole thing just sucks! I don’t want to worry about using the right tenses! I don’t want to long to hear his voice. Every part of this is so unbelievably hard. I apologize that I am not doing my usual upbeat posts. I am using this as a safe outlet to express my pain. God bless all of you! Have a God blessed day.

Voice of David

I have been sitting here listening, waiting, yearning. Wanting so bad to hear you, your voice, your laugh, your sighs of exasperation. Just you, anything of you. I miss you so very much. The pain at times is unbearable. I pray for the pain to lifted from me, but the persist. My dear big brother do what you do best, protect my from my pain as you always have. My heart longs to hear you. I listen to your songs on repeat and hear your voice, oh my dear David. It’s wonderful and beautiful, but not the same. As I sit hear crying and wanting, you sit at peace. Not knowing the stabbing pains of the great loss. The loss of you. Your love, your kindness, your companionship, your compassion, your anger even. All of you with no exceptions! I love and miss ever so much. Words cannot express just how much. Rest easy in Gods arms my dear brother.


Everything made real
The real deal

Now I have to deal
Deal with what’s real

Love lost, love found
We mourn and feel torn

A new life born
Born to the Lord

Swept up in loving arms
Held protected in loving arms

Hearts wept
Some with regrets

Jesus wept
With no regrets
This is the first time I have written since suffering the devastating loss of Jeffery. I know it’s not like most of my stuff but that’s what I’ve got! We are taking it day by day I suppose. Tuesday was a true awakening for myself. The time has truly come for me to deal with the gravity of the loss. I am doing my best. Through this terrible loss though we have gained much love and new family. I am so grateful for everyone who has offered support and put up with my moodiness! Lol I have such amazing people surrounding me! Though the pain is ever present having people who love me around eases it a bit. I think the worst feeling is the loneliness kind of. More like a missing link. I have peace in knowing we will see him again I just don’t like this feeling. The Lord is very much my crutch right now. He along with my amazing family the constant and the new are what keep me going. Thank you all for your constant thoughts and prayers! God bless!

Fellowship friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am sure most people have seen this video already. I have been seeing it here and there but not until it was brought to my attention today did I actually know what it was about. I love it!!!!! It is a true sign of how universal love is and can be!! So I guess the message would be to love others as the Lord loves you!!! God bless you all and have a safe and fun God filled weekend!

Fellowship Friday!

Hello all! Happy friday/Saturday…….I know I am a day late. Sorry,  my internet was supposed to be set up yesterday but the guy didn’t show up. Well one of the two did, the one that showed up is actually my fellowship friday. This week has been difficult but we are taking it one day at a time. The gentalman that showed up to swap the cables or something, it really doesn’t matter, was a true God send. After he did that my Bubby told him about Jeffery. This complete stranger kneeled down and prayed for for us and Jeffery. My Bubby and him had such a beautiful soulful conversation. This stranger soon became a brother in Christ. It meant so much to us. This man prayed and cried with him. It meant so much to us! Our hearts were filled with joy that this man, a stranger, shared in our pain at the loss. God bless all of you!  Have a safe and fun weekend.

It’s not goodbye

Yesterday we payed respects to my brother Jeff. I don’t want to say last respects or really anything relating to past tense. He may be physically gone, but spiritually he is very present. That was so very evident at the memorial (wake) last night. We were surrounded by so many of his dearest friends and family. It was a wonderful evening/night. It was so nice to see that so many people loved him the same way we did. He is a beautiful soul who will be greatly missed. He’s my protector and my strength. Thank all of you for your kind words and prayers in this horribly trying time. We are trying to keep our eyes focused on the Lord. God bless each and everyone of you! Thank you!

Fellowship Friday

I really wasn’t sure if I was going to post this week. I wouldn’t want to relive this week so long as I live. But, if my brother were still with us he wouldn’t put up with me sitting around feeling sorry for myself. He was always so encouraging and well pushy! He knew the passion I felt for my writing and pushed me when I was being lazy or when I wanted to quit. So this week’s fellowship friday is about appreciation, love, and encouragement. Appreciate the people the Lord as blessed you with, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Love them as the Lord loves you. Lastly encourage one another, it’s so beautiful the way a person can blossom with the right amount of encouragement. Seeing the pain this great loss has left my parents with adds to my own pain. A parent should never have to experience the death of a child. Fortunately the last thing we can all remember saying is “I love you”. So, if you have a child, grab your phone or go into their room and just say, “I love you”. Please! You won’t regret it! Tomorrow we say our final goodbye to a beautiful bright soul. Please pray for strength for the family and everyone who comes out to pay their respects. God bless all of you have a safe and fun weekend.

Fellowship Friday!

Hello everyone! Happy friday! I just can’t get enough of stories about people paying it forward. Especially when it is teens. These 6 teens got up early one morning to shovel about 50 driveways and sidewalks just to do something nice for the community.  They refused to take money for it. All they did was leave flyers on the doors saying ‘you got served’, with an image of three crosses. This is such a great way of evangelizing without being forceful  and in someone’s face. Have you had a moment of evangelism this week? If not I encourage you to do so, as I will join you in achieving a moment of evangelism. God bless all of you and may the Lord bless all of you in having a safe and fun weekend! You can find the story and many man more here.


Please please please pray for my family!!!! My brother Jeff aka David has passed away. Please God help us! I don’t know what to do!  Our hearts are broken, we have lost a part ourselves. Please pray for us please!!!! We feel so lost. Please pray for strength! ! ! ! !