Happy holidays? I don’t get it!

02 Dec

Happy holidays? Really? Is this really what we are going with? I try my best to appeal to the masses in my writings, but I do tend to have very heavy Christian undertones. Though for the most part I think I have stuff put in ways that the reader can translate them to many different situations. I don’t like the term politically correct, I am not a politician and I have my own brain and thoughts! However I do understand not wanting to offend other people with various things, religion, sexuality, vulgarity etc. I get that I really do! BUT!!!! Happy holidays??? Again really?? Let’s just break down the actual name shall we? Merry= happy, joyful, good Christmas= Christ, our Savior, you know the guy on the cross. Mass= gathering, grouping, together. Now I know that’s not the literal translation, but you get the point. The key word being Christ. The reason it is called Christmas is because this is the time were we Christians celebrate the birth or our Savior. Now whether you are Christian or not that is what it is. Ya ya I am sure people will argue about the pagan winter solstice or whatever. It is completely irrelevant. The pagans celebrated that event not everyone, just the pagans.  Society has celebrated Christmas as just that. Now people are getting all upset about calling it what it is that they have caused it to now be happy holidays to appease the general public, or to be politically correct. If people are so upset by the Christian meaning behind calling it Christmas then they should not celebrate any part of it. No Christmas tree, no family gathering, no day off work no buying things that are Christmas sales and certainly not partake in any form of gift giving. Yes even gift giving! It was started with the wise men bringing baby Jesus gifts on the very first Christmas! If it is so offensive why would they want to be a part of it in any way? Now to those who are offended by people saying merry Christmas and prefer happy holidays, I have a couple questions. What exactly is it that is so happy about Dec.25? What events took place on that day that makes it a holiday? I really just don’t understand. I find it very funny when I go into a business and see happy holidays splattered all over the walls and windows and along with that there is Joyeux Noel. I completely flunked out of French in grade school but I do know that Joyeux Noel in French is Merry Christmas, and yet nobody gets all worked up about that. Ignorance is bliss I suppose! On that I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! I pray that God gives you what you need and Santa gives you what you want.

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One response to “Happy holidays? I don’t get it!

  1. meinwords

    December 6, 2013 at 2:28 am

    Well said. I often think how odd it is many celebrate Christmas and never acknowledge Christ.


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