Yes ma’am

16 Dec

A dedication to my wonderfully inspiring aunty Karen!

This is a call. A call to stand up. To no longer run and hide. To no longer hide yourself away from things that may make you nervous, scared, anxious, and uncomfortable. I am calling you to even stop hiding from the small things that take you out of your comfort zone. Things you wouldn’t normally or ever really do. Things you’ve never tried due to how it may or may not have made you feel. Be brave! Stand up! You just may surprise yourself!

Have you seen the movie “yes man” with Jim Carrey? It’s about an average guy, Jim Carrey, who says no to everything in life. Never venturing outside of his comfort zone for any reason. Keeping himself shut away. Keeping himself in a “safe zone”. One of his ex-co-workers talks him into going to a conference, a yes man conference I guess you’d call it. Basically it’s about teaching them to change their perspective on everything and to say yes to life though various changes and experiences. Of course the movie goes to extremes and he ends up saying yes to absolutely everything. That is certainly not my intent. One quote I like from this movie is said by the yes man guru he says to Jim’s character “you say no to life therefore you’re not living”. The movie is ok, typical Jim Carrey stuff. The message though is more than I think even the makers had intended. Just the quote it’s self shows the depth of the idea. I am currently looking at the idea behind the movie with fresh perhaps even opened new eyes.

My aunt Karen who in real life is a lot like Jims character in the beginning of the movie. She avoids drawing any attention to herself, sits in the back row in the corner type of person. She doesn’t like any attention being put on her. She is very modest and quiet as well. Reserved is probably the best word to describe her. She is certainly not the type of person who would agree to speak at a church service, let alone offer to speak without being asked first. But that is exactly what she did!

Last weekend there was a women’s advent service at her church. She offered, yes I said offered, to do one of the readings for the service. We had time of fellowship before the service and that’s when she told me she was going to be speaking during the service. I was taken aback! I was so proud of her but had to ask her why. As I said that was something I never thought she would do. Then she told me that she had offered to read. Not that she was asked but she actually went out of her way to offer. I almost fell out of my chair, I just couldn’t believe it! I had to ask her again, why? I was still stunned at this point. What she answered me with blew me away! Far more than finding out what it was she was going to do. It was what she had already done!

She told me that she was trying something new. Here is a small part of our conversation the best I can remember it. Keep in mind I was in a state of shock!

Her– I am trying something new, where I force myself to do different things that I wouldn’t normally do. Things I don’t like doing.

Me-Wow really? What brought this on? This is great, but really? That is so much healthier that what most of us do. We all hide away from things like that. Good for you! I am terrible for hiding especially when it comes to my writing I am way to afraid of what people are going to say.

Her-I needed a change. I have been running and hiding for the last 47 years, enough is enough! The thing is that it doesn’t matter if I do it once a day, week, month, year or even a life time just that I do it.

Me-yeah it’s just the change it makes within you. That is so great! I am so proud of you!! This is huge; I am totally going to blog about this!

I don’t know about you but I find this idea of change to be incredibly inspiring and radical! My aunt is absolutely right; it doesn’t matter if we do it once a day, week, month, year or even a lifetime. Ultimately it’s the change we make in ourselves. It’s opening ourselves up to be willing to accept the change and growth. Some of the change may not even be deliberate.

Take a moment if you would please to reflect on the different ways this change could help you. In my opinion we humans can be helped in two aspects of our lives. Really they are the only two that matter, though are really capable of covering every nook and cranny of our lives. We have our personal relationships and our Spiritual relationship. These two relationships are what make us who we are. They form the who, what, where, when and why in all that we do and all that we are.

Let’s look at the benefits of making this simple choice, yes simple, in respect to our personal relationships. I am addressing personal relationships first, because we are very self centered and worldly species. If change is going to scare us it’s going to be through the social aspect of the change. The change seems very scary and drastic to put into action, but let’s not over complicate this like we do with everything else. It’s basically a choice of yes or no, yes man or no man. See easy peasy lemon squeezy! My aunt, as scared and nervous as she was, made the choice to say yes! As a result she rocked it! Not only did she do an amazing job, she also delivered a beautiful message of the Lord. Most of all she showed herself that she could do it, and that she could do it really well! One of the best things that came of it was the confidence she gained. When we are confident it reflects in all of our relationships and in all that we do. It has a way of strengthening them as well. This change can open you us up to new relationships too. It can inspire those around you to change. The choice can affect your job even. It has the ability to give you the courage necessary to ask your boss for that raise you now you deserve, it may   even give you the confidence to share your ideas at work. The greatest change of all is the liberation you get from letting go of your fears. Now, the most important change saying yes can make is in the relationship you have with your Maker.

I truly feel the greatest benefit of saying yes can be seen through your Spiritual relationship. The relationship between you and God. I am only going to go over a very few that stick out in my mind because the benefits are endless. Let’s scratch the surface a little. Say you are in line at the grocery store and God compels you to speak to the girl standing in front of you, to share the Gospel with her. Should you choose to say yes, who knows, that could be the person you bring to the Lord. Opening yourself to God and having the willingness to do His work, fear free, can only build and grow your faith. Who knows, maybe you will offer to read for a special service for your church. Thus delivering an amazing message of the Lord! The beautiful part of this whole thing is that we don`t know what wonders await us, if we can just try. If we can just say yes.

I agree that it sounds a lot easier said than done. Really though, what’s the worst that could happen? People think you’re a Jesus freak, ok….you are. So what!? You don’t get the raise, again ok, but your boss knows you’re going to go after what you want, that you have confidence in what you are asking for. That then shows determination. You share the Gospel with a stranger in a grocery store. The person says they are not interested, maybe the person standing behind you hears your message and accepts the Lord. Least of all it’s a seed planted. Maybe someone around you in the store is already a Christian and you sharing the message encourages them to share the Gospel the next time they feel called to.  All of these things can happen by just one person hearing you say yes to the Lord. The benefits are truly endless and far outweigh any negative responses or excuses you make for not doing it.

I have barley skimmed the surface of what amazing things can come of making the choice to say yes. I encourage you to really take the time to think about just how significant this can be in changing your life. Like I said it doesn’t matter if you do it every day, week, month year or in your lifetime. All that matters is that you make the choice. If nothing else you will learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. I know that this choice will forever change my life. By simply saying yes you start the snowball rolling. By my aunt making the choice to say yes, it forever changed her. Her yes changed me and my life. Hopefully it has sparked a change in you as well. Thank you aunty Karen! Thank you for saying yes and inspiring me and anyone who may read this and they themselves being forever changed!On that note thank you so much for reading this very long winded ramblings. God bless you!

Will you say yes?

Will you make the change?


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2 responses to “Yes ma’am

  1. jasonedwin23

    December 16, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    We set ourselves in different ways throughout life and when down the road comes change it scares a lot of people.
    We should be enjoying everything life has to offer, experience things we’ve never experienced.
    Ok…i forgot what else i was going to say, i just woke up…

    • Pen of the Sheep

      December 18, 2013 at 12:36 am

      haha that’s alright I think I know what you were trying to say! =)


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