When does this end?

18 Dec

Tonight I was jolted awake with another nightmare. It’s the same one I have been having since the car accident. You’d think that after this long they would be done. I have been awake for a couple hours now trying to get the anxiety to stop. No such luck. I really need to call my psychologist and get back in talking to her. I just struggle with her methods. It’s like her way of helping is by me brainwashing myself. I dunno maybe I just need to get past myself and trust her. I know that God will deliver me from this I just have to learn to let go and let Him work through the tools He has offered me. Good night and good riddens! Until tonight have a God filled blessed day!


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2 responses to “When does this end?

  1. jasonedwin23

    December 20, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Out with the old and in with the new.
    New changes on the arise (take the new year as a example).
    You need to stop driving yourself so hard and just lay back a little bit.
    You’ll keep going through anxiety type of states if you don’t.
    So whatever it is you’re driving yourself so hard for, slow down a bit.

    You may also be dealing with some kind of fear…not sure what but it sounds like there’s something there.
    When you go to bed tonight and if it’s quiet just lay on your back, close your eyes and tell yourself to clear your mind.
    Keep saying it if you need to.
    You must be very tensed and your mind is at work…always, and after so long it causes tension.
    Let go of that tension and you will notice a difference.

    God Bless

    • Pen of the Sheep

      December 20, 2013 at 5:06 pm

      I think you are very right about the work part. There are lots of work and personal things in the new year! So hopefully that’ll help. Well that and we won’t have to stress again for 1 1/2 months, good ole Cupid lol thank you for the wonderful advice!


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