Eve Part 1

04 Jan

It’s was as though I had just awoken. This man he is my husband and the other is my Father, my Creator. They are good men. I like them and enjoy their company. The Lord says that because He created me from Adam, man must leave his mother and father. Adam and I are to be one flesh. I wonder what it is to be one flesh. Is it because the Lord took me from Adams rib? My husband Adam has told me of all the things the Lord has commanded us. With all the amazing things to eat why would I want to eat from the one tree He as commanded us not to eat from? Surly I don’t wish to die. I wonder when the Lord will be around again. He is such good company. I really enjoy walking in the garden with Him.

One day I was walking about the garden and this serpent came slithering up to me. There was something curious about him. I really couldn’t place it, something off setting. He was very smooth yet untrustworthy. He didn’t belong here. He asked me if God said that I couldn’t eat from any of the trees in the garden. I really don’t understand why he is asking me this. Surly he should know what God has commanded. I told him that God said we could eat from any tree we wanted except for the one in the middle of the garden, and that we can’t even touch the tree. If we did we would die! I don’t want to die, that would mean leaving this beautiful place. This place is my home. Then the serpent said that I actually wouldn’t die! If I wouldn’t die then why would God tell me I would? I am getting really confused. Then the serpent tells me that the only reason God doesn’t want me to eat from it or touch it is because if I do I will know everything He does. I would know good and evil. What is evil? What is good? I don’t understand what these things are. If God created us in His image then why don’t we know what these things are? Why would He be different than us?

This all made me really think. I walked over to the tree in the middle of our garden. It really was a very beautiful tree. The fruit that hung from it looked delicious! It was unlike any other tree in our garden. I stood there for quite some time thinking about all that the serpent said. I want to be like God. Why wouldn’t He want us to know these things? Could this delicious fruit really make us like Him? I didn’t really know if I believed it. I wondered to myself if God would even know if we ate from it. The temptation grew stronger the longer I stood there starring at it. My stomach actually started to grumble, my mouth watered and my mind desired. Finally I made my decision. I reached out to the piece of fruit that caught my eye. I grabbed it with my hand and pulled it from the tree. All I could think was that I just wanted to be as wise as God!

I walked through the garden toward where Adam was. All I could think about was if the fruit tasted as good as it looked! Finally there was Adam, I showed him the fruit and we both ate it. Oh this is not what I expected, how could something so pleasing to the eye, be so terrible? It was so bitter and unpleasing. The flavor was unlike anything we had eaten in our garden. All of a sudden I look down and realize I was naked. Through my shame I noticed that Adam was also naked, he noticed the same time I did. I felt my cheeks get really hot. I have never felt this way before. Adams face was all red. Was this what being wise was? Was this good or evil? It really didn’t matter what it was I didn’t like it! Adam and I decided that we needed to make ourselves some coverings. We went and found some leaves and vines and made ourselves coverings. They were not comfortable but they did what they needed to do. I don’t like this. What have I done? Is God going to be angry with us? Are we going to die? What are we going to do?

In the middle of all of these thoughts we heard God walking in the garden. Oh no! Now what? We have to hide! He can’t see us like this! We are naked! What if He finds out we ate from the tree? What is this feeling? Is this fear? I am really starting to not like this at all! God is calling out for Adam now. Oh boy this is not good. He is calling to see where we are. Adam responds to Him telling Him we had to hide ourselves because we were naked. Oh great now He knows we are naked. This is so embarrassing! God asked Adam how he knew he was naked. Then He asked the question we both wished He wouldn’t ask. He asked if we had eaten of the tree He commanded us not to. I have a huge lump in my throat, I really don’t like this. Adam just gave me a look I don’t recognize, but I know it makes me feel uncomfortable. What have I done? How could I listen to that serpent? Why would he cause me to do this? How could I eat from that tree? Of all the delicious trees in our garden I had to eat from that one? It’s now I truly realize I have done something wrong. If only I had known what it was I was sacrificing all of this for. Well, here we go. There’s that look again, I wonder why Adam keeps giving me this look. Is that anger? All of these new emotions are so confusing for me to understand. I may not know what the look means but I am certain it isn’t meant in a pleasant way.

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