My Lent 2014

14 Feb

Here we are again, Passover is fast approaching, we take a look at ourselves and try to decide what we are willing to give up in observation of Lent. Last year I gave up energy drinks, it was the first time I think I actually completed Lent. It was a great feeling! I have tried almost every year since being born again, and within days I failed! Miserably might I add! Now I lay here trying to think of what I can do this year, and I’ve got nothing. I want it to be a true sacrifice but also have it be something I can actually do. Not to set myself up to fail kind of. I am trying to pray on it but if feels like I shouldn’t put the load on God because I am choosing to show my appreciation I guess you’d say. “Oh hey God, so I want to show You I can and do appreciate You so what do you want me to do?”. That sounds stupid and disingenuous. We should want to do it out of love and devotion. I honestly don’t even know, but I have until March.5 to figure it out. Do you observe Lent? If so do you know what you are going to do?

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