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I love sleep! It is one of my favourite hobbies! lol Most people wouldn’t consider it a hobby I suppose, but I love it. It’s a great opportunity to escape the real world. When I sleep I don’t have any health limitations. I don’t have PTSD. I don’t have fears for the future, of today, tomorrow, or yesterday. I do still have the nightmares a few nights a week, but they usually only last a few minutes a couple times a night. If I don’t let them take over my mind I slow my breathing focus on a heart beat and back off to lala land I go! I have tried lots of different relaxation techniques some have worked others not so much. Even with the nightmares I love sleep! Just being healthy and without limitation is amazing, even if it is only in my sleep. I will take what I can get! Never mind that when I sleep God comes to me, what better reason is that?

This is the last instalment of the atozchallenge I am excited and bummed. Excited because I can write when and what I want and sad because I will miss talking to all of you everyday. Sooooooo it has been fun and wonderful and I pray we will still talk after tonight! God bless every one of you exceptionally those of you I have really connected with! You know who you are I hope!


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Yikes! Yesterday, and yay!!!

Yesterday was a total wash! Turns out I am on the crutches until the 7th! This means no work for me! So that turned my mood a little sour. Today however I see a little light. Yes I have lost a bit of independence but this has given me a chance to relax and take a mini holiday. I have decided I am going to stay optimistic and positive! God has a plan for me, so I will wait and see what He’s up to! We often look back on things that upset us and either regret our actions or see it with new eyes and assess it rationally. I do both all the time. I act like a crazy person, once I calm down I look back and see the whole picture. Usually it is followed by crying and an apology. Well looking back on yesterday I can see that the crutches are what’s best for my health right now. God bless all of you!

Yay for sun! Yesterday while pouting I decided that I was going to stay outside and try to relax. Well by doing that I got my pre summer base burn!! Not a bad one that hurts but enough to start building me tan. No more looking like Casper the friendly ghost! Again yay!


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Apparently I don’t know my abc’s! Here I am trying to figure out why I am a letter ahead of everyone when I go through my posts singing my abc’s and I realize I don’t have P……… Lol nerdinthebrain where are you when I need to learn something? Lol my mind is blocked with embarrassment that I can’t even think about a word for P other than poop. Perhaps this is my lesson in humility? Either way I pray all of you have a wonderful God filled day!


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Jesus fish

Here you go J!



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What is your God given talent?

Do you have a God given talent? If so what is it? How do you use it? Do you hide from it? I believe mine is my writing, I hope it is anyways! I was recently talking to my cousin J, he is fairly new to the faith. The way that he can interpret the scriptures is unlike any I have seen! I am trying to encourage him to blog it and share with the world his God given ability. Here are a few people I follow that I believe are using their God given talents!

She has offered me more support and strength towards my healing than my psychologist!

I am so envious of her God given talents!

She always finds a way to lift my sinners heart!

He has a great mind! He is truly blessed.


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xeroflulogitis (noun) : When translated literally from Greek/Latin roots, this word means ” the condition of a dry flow of words”. Therefore, this describes that often cliched phrase of being “lost for words” or ” the lack of word-flow”.

” I believe I have been struck with a bad case of xeroflulogitis.

I had no clue what word to use for X so I googled merriam-webster. The first word that had any relevancy was xeroflulogitis. I think the definition of the word speaks to my mind today. Some may think “oh thank goodness”, but I find it frustrating. I would have to say the biggest problem I have with participating in the atoz challenge is committing to write everyday. I am generally more of the, when I have the words I blog, type of person. So this challenge has really pushed me in my writing. Like I have said, half way through this challenge I wanted to quit, but I have committed myself to this. Look at me now! Two days to go and I think I have done okay. I did get a few days behind but I am only human! God bless all of you and I look forward to continue getting to know all of you more!


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I know it’s not a real word but for the sake of today’s blog that is the word we are going to use! The month if april has been kind of crazy and chaotic. Filled with ups and downs. Yet I sit here in reflection with nothing but joy in my heart. Mainly because of the wonderful people I have met. As you probably know I am in the atoz challenge and through that I have met people that I now consider to be very dear friends. I am not just saying that either. From the depth of my heart I mean it! In real life I don’t have a single friend, honestly. I may have acquaintances I guess you might call them. Mainly I have my family, they are the glue that hold’s me together day to day. I in no way expected to meet people through my blog, let alone people I would grow to love and genuinely care for. To be honest I didn’t think people would even like my writing. I opened this so prove my cousin wrong, I guess he proved me wrong. Coming into the challenge I was excited and nervous, half way through I wanted to quit, now that we are nearing the end I am just grateful. Grateful for all of you my beautiful sisters, your constant encouragement and love has gotten me through some crummy days. I thank you and love you lots! I keep you in my constant prayers! Back to my family for a bit, they put up with my craziness on a daily basis! Bubby thank you for being my strength and reason, mama thank you for your ear even when you are tired and sore, duder well not much more to say than love you and thank you, with and with out the paper bag lol just sayin. My dear cousin J thank you for making me open this wordpress, your constant encouragement (maybe nagging lol) has opened my eyes to my true ability. To the rest of my family love you and thank you! There are a few people on here who have really touched me I hope you know who you are I thank you and I love you! I pray that the Lord blesses endlessly and grants you all that He is! To sum it all up april brought us, sickness, health, wealth and poverty….. kinda sounds like wedding vows….am I married to the month of april now? I don’t now! lol What have I learned this month? Well I learned that I am not a terrible writer, that though health may fade a little, relationships will always grow stronger. That God is always listening and that He always gives us what we need regardless of what we think we want. That there is no limitation to where you are on the globe, we are all but a key stroke away from connecting to one another. While I am still on crutches, I still have my mental issues, and all of life’s other bumps, at the end of the day I know that everything is going to be okay. I am not sure what I expected the month to bring but I can tell you this was not it! And that is a-okay with me! Sorry for rambling on. I pray the Lord grants all of you all that He is! God bless!


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