Fellowship Friday!!

26 Sep

This is such a beautiful story. This story shows us that no matter what God’s Will will be done. Can you imagine a doctor saying your child has a 1% chance of surviving? I honestly don’t know that I would put my faith in God in that situation. I would be very earthly bound my thoughts and reactions. I wouldn’t get an abortion of course, that is never an option. I feel the same way this woman did, that if it was God’s will for the child’s not to survive that’s what would happen. I just love the never ending Grace of our Lord and Savior. He really steps up and shows us that through Him all things are possible! I find the medical world very confusing and conflicting at times, they never seem to factor God into any equation. It’s amazing how God chooses people to exist, against all odds. Take me for example, my mother was on birth control when I was conceived. God though knowing all, decided that He wanted me here regardless, and tada!! Here I am! Lol. Then again with my youngest brother, my mother was told that she nor her child would survive if she ever got pregnant again. The doctors told her to abort him the first time she almost lost him and many times after, but she put it in God’s capable hands! They said if she carried him to term he wouldn’t live long after birth. Well they were wrong about that as well, he is a healthy man. Even though there were many issues and he wasn’t a very healthy baby, God chose for him to be on this earth for a reason. There is a scripture says that God has counted every hair on our head in Matthew 10:13. That is so true and the story just proves that God intended for each and everyone of us to be here and for us to live the life that we have, the life He has chosen for us. I commend this woman’s strength and courage and I thank the Lord for His never-ending blessings. God bless you have a safe happy God filled weekend! For this story and many more click here!






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