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Fellowship Friday!

Happy Halloween everyone! I have been noticeably absent from here lately and I apologize. We have been waiting for something huge for a very long time now and are just waiting on the call, I can’t say just yet what it is, God willing I will soon! My mind has been so focused on it that I have neglected what He has gifted me to do. I haven’t even written for myself. When I was looking for an article for today’s post I came across this. My heart sank, my ungrateful heart hurt. I have so many blessings in my life and I am so self focused on one thing that is yet to happen. Please excuse the writers minor spelling and grammar errors, it’s really the message that matters. God bless all of you have a safe, fun and God filled weekend and Halloween!


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Fellowship Friday!

The message this week is simply God bless you!!!!!! So God bless all of you and have a wonderful safe and God filled weekend!!!!
If you have a YouTube account please subscribe to this channel!!! Give Back Films. I don’t know them personally there channel was shown to me this week and I automatically subscribed. You will not be disappointed!!! They have a true heart for the works of the Lord! God bless!!!

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Prayer request

Hi everyone! I pray you are all having a wonderful God filled week! I am requesting prayers for my big brother (we’re calling him David). He is having a bad few days. Please pray for him. Thank you in advance. God bless you all and I pray you have a God filled rest of your week!

We ask that you be with David Lord. Guide him according to your will. Lay Your healing hand upon his broken heart. Grant him strength in copping with the trials he is facing. Lord I ask that You grant him all that You are. We pray that Your will be done Lord. We pray this in Jesus name.
Amen, Amen


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Fellowship Friday!

Hi everyone I am terribly sorry I missed last weeks fellowship Friday and almost missed this weeks. I don’t even have a good excuse. Simply put I forgot. My big brother (let’s just call him David because I don’t use real names) even reminded me last week, yet here we are. I apologize I am going to post two news stories in the links and will hopefully have something written tomorrow. Just an update on David, he is doing really well. He is still struggling a bit with what is going on, but he is really coping amazingly!!! I am so proud of him! He continues to thrive in school, like getting 95% and 100% on two of his three midterms!!! He is proof that when you put your mind to something despite your circumstances, you can not only do okay but kick serious butt!!! He continues to surprise me and make me proud!! I love that kid! Also despite what he has going on in his life he continues to have concern for me and never stops encouraging me to write, and tells me how talented I am, even though he is 10x the writer I am! I am sure he is reading this and saying he isn’t or to stop/shut up 😀 . Most of the time he reads my blogs just minutes after I post them and that means so much to me, he really can’t know just how much! I love you David!! Your an amazing brother and best friend!! God bless you all and your families and have a safe God filled weekend!!

story one
story two


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Fellowship Friday

Everyday, everywhere there are people performing random acts of kindness and wonderfulness. My challenge for you this week is just give a little bit. May the Lord bless each and everyone of you this weekend and have a safe God filled weekend. Ooohhhhh right I have a question for all of you! If I were to start a YouTube channel do you think I would have an audience or would it be another place to offer fellowship? Someone very close to me is really encouraging (pushing! Lol) me to do it but I am extremely sceptical about it. Please share your opinions on the idea of me doing a YouTube channel I really don’t know! Thank you in advance God bless you!


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