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Fellowship Friday!

Hi everyone! I pray you all had a joyful Christmas! I just love this piece! Check the story out here. Sorry for the brief post, I’ve been fighting a migraine for a few days. God bless you all an have a safe and fun weekend!

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Merry CHRISTmas!

I know that it is was to easy to get wrapped up in the happenings of this season and focus on gifts and parties. This I am guilty of. The last week or so I have been really……. hard to deal with let’s say. All because instead of focusing on the beauty and joy of celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus, I have been putting pressure on everything else. With all God has done for us I feel unworthy and ungrateful. We got the most amazing gifts from God! He has given us a home after three years of being without our own home, well homeless. But greatest of all He has blessed us with loving people who accept us as we are and have supported us emotionally. Also this month I celebrated my first year on wordpress! I am grateful for all of the fellowship, love and support I have received from all of you! So thank you all very much. Tonight we will all join in Holy worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, for us it will be at church, for others their homes, and for some volunteering. Regardless on how you are celebrating do so with love and peace. On behalf of myself and my wonderfully crazy family, we wish you and yours a very happy and safe CHRISTmas! I pray God grants you what you need and Santa brings you what you want! 😉 God bless you all!

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Fellowship Friday!!!

Hello everyone,  and happy weekend before Christmas!  This time of year makes so grateful for what I have and for the birth of our Savior. Our Savior who was born in barn essentially. The was no room in the inn. As many of you know my heart and passion outside of my faith, is homelessness. This time of year the weather is getting quite cold not only at night but during the day. So many of the homeless people that would normally stay out doors rush to the shelters. There are some nights that there simply isn’t any room for them. Thus them being left in the cold. Though many people have a less than nice opinion of the homeless,  they couldn’t be more wrong. In my experience they are quite kind and gentle. They would do what the can to help anyone,  regardless who they are. This story is a prime example of how much they are just like you and I. I encourage you to read this beautiful article of a homeless man helping a stranded woman and her outstanding reaction!  God bless all of you and if I don’t get another post in Merry Christmas!

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Fellowship Friday

Hello all! Happy Friday once again! This week’s story is one of giving. A homeless fellow was in a music store looking at guitars, he picked one and started playing it and singing. He asked how much the guitar was and was told it was $159. He said he would have to go out and beg in order to be able to afford it. A man who was in the store getting his daughters saxophone repaired, overheard the conversation said he would buy it for him. The homeless man was nearly brought to tears by a complete strangers generosity. So many times in the bible we see and hear about the joy music brings to God. I love music! And can’t imagine how God feels when He hears one of His children playing. Expecially if they are playing with a gift of generosity!! God bless all of you and have a safe God filled weekend!
You can find this story and more at sunnyskyz news.

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Fellowship Friday!

Hello everyone! I pray you had a blessed week. I apologize, this is going to be a short post. This week’s post is a personal one. For those of you that don’t know, we have been homeless for the last almost three years. By the grace of God my mama let us stay with her for that time. Well that has changed! The Lord as found favor on us! As of tonight we will be laying our heads down in our own home!!!! Praise the Lord! I am baffled by His love and mercy! God bless all of you and may you have a safe God filled weekend!


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