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Fellowship Friday!!

Every time I type the title of this blog I can’t help but hear that annoying  “friday ” song in my head. Lol
Aaannnyyyy waaays! Hello again and happy friday! I pray you all had a wonderful week, filled with God’s loving surprises! Also that all of you and your families, have been kept safe if affected by post tropical storm Arthur. I am sure most of you are aware of the terrible storm that hit the east coast of North America. In Canada the provinces that got hit the hardest were New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. “In New Brunswick, 95,110 customers remained without power as of Sunday evening. Nova Scotia Power reported 192 outages that affected 80,060 customers,  while nearly 5,000 remained in the dark in Prince Edward Island.” Courtesy of I am a fan of Jeeps so naturally I was drawn to  this story. 😉 Well not really but still, I do love my Jeeps! The storm made it nearly impossible for people to travel on the snow piled roads, there was a no travel advisory instated actually. This fellowship post starts with Jeeps, and the kind hearts of one club, I am sure most cities have Jeep clubs. If your not familiar with Jeep people here is a little insight. Typically they are about 4x4ing and if anything happens they all join in to help. They are very united and have huge hearts. Well, this local club took it upon themselves to help the staff of a local hospital get to work! Normally I would not condone people driving in such dangerous conditions. However I know from personal experience that Jeeps really thrive in such conditions, they are 4×4’s after all. When asked why they had done it, one of the men answered, ” It’s nice to help out in some small way to get our doctors and nurses where they need to be,” he said. “It really feels good at the end of the day.”. I didn’t even think about them (hospital staff that is) when I was praying for the people affected by the storm. Regardless what is going on, certain people have to brave the elements. They really have no choice!  Hospitals need doctors, nurses, surgeons. Custodians and phone staff even, people don’t stop being sick because of the weather. I often think about fire, police and ambulance responders in these terrible blizzards, well in any kind of natural disaster. Though the others not as much, of course I can only speak for myself. This club did though, and because of them these doctors and nurses have been getting to the hospital safely, a lot safer if they’d attempted the drive themselves. In any type of situation we should help those who can’t or shouldn’t be doing things themselves. Be a snow angel, shovel a widow, single mother or an elderly neighbors walk (as so gracefully said by my Bubby). Help someone who appears to be struggling to get across the street. Anything really! The opportunities are endless, and they are opportunities not chores. Anytime you can help someone it’s an opportunity. At the end of the day you’ll have done something for someone who otherwise my not have been able to do it on their own, or worse they may even get hurt trying. On this subject and many others I have written about, I try to practice what I preach. Just a quick and funny side story. I tried helping an elderly woman cross the street once, because it was crazy icy, and she got so upset with me because as she put it “she wasn’t feeble or weak” lol. Don’t let that  deter you, she was just someone who wanted to do it on her own :). Most all of the people I’ve helped over the years have been very grateful. My favorite way of doing it though, is shoveling a neighbors walk or mowing their lawn when they are out or otherwise occupied in their homes. That way when they see it, they are happy and grateful, but have no idea who had done it. Even for the nasty neighbors, you know the ones, we’ve all had them. Especially them, it shows them kindness they may not get on a regular basis! In light of all the crazy storms and snow a lot of us are getting, I ask and pray that all of you are exceptionally careful and safe this weekend! If you are on the east coast at all or have been hit by any kind of snow or bad weather, I pray that you are kept safe. If you don’t have to travel please don’t! With that have a fun, safe and God filled weekend! God bless each and everyone of you and your families! Also please pray for those affected by this ugly storm. You can see this story and many more stories of good news here.

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Ohhhhhh. My. Goodness!!!

I can’t possibly cry anymore tonight!! I think I posted the first part of this video, but if not I will now! The follow up video is absolutely overfilled my heart with joy (and a whole lot of tears!!!) God bless all of you!


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Fellowship Friday!!

Hello all! Happy Friday! I pray you all had an extremely blessed week. Once again my heart and fellowship falls with the homeless. Please watch this video, I could have filled 3 buckets with the tears I cried watching it. Please ignore the last segment of the video. Also if in your travels this weekend you come across a homeless person please offer a little fellowship to them, it doesn’t have to be monetary, even just a hello or God bless you :-)…. I pray you all have a safe, fun God filled weekend! God bless you all!
Top 10 – Helping the homeless – Part 2:


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Fellowship Friday

Hello all! I pray you’ve all had a blessed week! The other night I was watching a tv show called brain games on national geographic channel. I actually really enjoy this program. It challenges you and changes your perspective on different things. The episode I am going to talk about was focused on compassion. They did a few “tests” and the outcome for a good majority of them was when someone showed compassion towards someone else, they in turn showed compassion towards another person. Even if the third person did something nasty to the second. As long as the first person had compassion for the second the nasty person still received compassion. I just love this!! It’s so easy to walk around angry and think the world owes you something, but to stop and show compassion towards another person can create a beautiful butterfly effect!!! I pray you all have a wonderful safe God filled weekend!!! Remember, show a little compassion! You never know what it may lead to! God bless!!!

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Praise the Lord!!

We just had the most amazing night! We had Gorbachoff, Spiff and Pug over for dinner tonight and it was just awesome! The Lord has found such favor in us, far more than I could ever imagine! It was one of those nights you never want to end! I couldn’t have asked for more. I am not just talking about tonight. I am talking about my life! Everything has turned around, it’s back to how it was before the accident. No…..better! I have my family back! My prayers have been answered ten fold! I love my brothers and now I have both of them!!! There is one person who I pray would want to share in this joy with, but I am not greedy and when this person is ready they will come to me. Until then I will continue to pray for them and that they get past whatever it is that is keeping them from me. My little Pug was so sweet! Tonight it was as if she couldn’t get enough of me. She melts my heart that little girl! Another answered prayer, her and I baked my special cake (she learned the secret ingredient). I am so happy and blessed I can’t stop thanking The Lord for all He is doing for me! Oh!!!! Also I got my feet tattoo’s finally!!!!! I have always tried to live by Psalm 119:133 “Guide my footsteps according to YOUR Word”. It’s in a pretty script across both feet! I absolutely love it! Unfortunately I won’t be posting any pictures of them, just my personal online rules. Darn those rules!! Lol sorry this ran on so long I just wanted to share the blessings and love of The Lord with all of you, my brothers and sisters of Christ! Ooohhh!!!! Also we got the best gift tonight from Pug! She is 4 and she drew a picture and wrote her alphabet! God bless all of you my dear brothers and sisters!


Future Picasso?!!


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Fellowship Friday……..errrr Saturday?

Hello everyone! I am a day late and I apologize. Chalk it upto forgetfulness, life and maybe stir in a little pinch of lazyness. 😆 I pray you all had a wonderfully God filled week! This week’s fellowship is all of you! The unity and love we have for one another is amazing! I am sure I have said this before, but it is constantly brought to my attention. This week I posted this ” Hi I am asking for prayers for Gorbachoff and spiff (younger brother and sister in law) they are facing some trials right now and need some prayer warriors on their side! God bless you and thank you!” And the response was great! None of us know each other out side of the words and snippets we choose to share on here. Yet as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ you came and offered your prayers. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and never have any of you guys failed to come through as prayer warriors! So thank you so so very much!! Due to your prayers they overcame their trial!! Praise The Lord! I pray you all have a safe God filled weekend! God bless you all!


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Quick prayer requests!

Hi I am asking for prayers for Gorbachoff and spiff (younger brother and sister in law) they are facing some trials right now and need some prayer warriors on their side! God bless you and thank you!


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