Fellowship Friday

16 Jan

Hello all! I pray you’ve all had a blessed week! The other night I was watching a tv show called brain games on national geographic channel. I actually really enjoy this program. It challenges you and changes your perspective on different things. The episode I am going to talk about was focused on compassion. They did a few “tests” and the outcome for a good majority of them was when someone showed compassion towards someone else, they in turn showed compassion towards another person. Even if the third person did something nasty to the second. As long as the first person had compassion for the second the nasty person still received compassion. I just love this!! It’s so easy to walk around angry and think the world owes you something, but to stop and show compassion towards another person can create a beautiful butterfly effect!!! I pray you all have a wonderful safe God filled weekend!!! Remember, show a little compassion! You never know what it may lead to! God bless!!!

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One response to “Fellowship Friday

  1. Pen of the Sheep

    January 17, 2015 at 8:25 am

    That is so true, you are very good at your writing!!! Keep it up.


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