21 Mar

Everything made real
The real deal

Now I have to deal
Deal with what’s real

Love lost, love found
We mourn and feel torn

A new life born
Born to the Lord

Swept up in loving arms
Held protected in loving arms

Hearts wept
Some with regrets

Jesus wept
With no regrets
This is the first time I have written since suffering the devastating loss of Jeffery. I know it’s not like most of my stuff but that’s what I’ve got! We are taking it day by day I suppose. Tuesday was a true awakening for myself. The time has truly come for me to deal with the gravity of the loss. I am doing my best. Through this terrible loss though we have gained much love and new family. I am so grateful for everyone who has offered support and put up with my moodiness! Lol I have such amazing people surrounding me! Though the pain is ever present having people who love me around eases it a bit. I think the worst feeling is the loneliness kind of. More like a missing link. I have peace in knowing we will see him again I just don’t like this feeling. The Lord is very much my crutch right now. He along with my amazing family the constant and the new are what keep me going. Thank you all for your constant thoughts and prayers! God bless!


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3 responses to “Real

  1. jasonedwin23

    March 21, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Great post.
    Here’s a long one coming so get ready…I’m sorry.

    We all have our days where we feel alone even though deep down inside we know we’re not because the Lord is always with us.
    The problem with us Human beings is we don’t grasp the spiritual realm the Lord Jesus Christ is in because we don’t see with our eyes.
    We go by what we hear and words we say which can get manipulated simply because our minds get filled with all kinds of things and thoughts even though it’s in our hearts otherwise.

    I watched a video quite a while ago on how the Lord is everywhere and as long as we accept him and believe in him he is always with us.
    When things go bad like suffering from a lost loved one, financial situations etc. it’s up to us to have our faith even stronger and know that God sees everything and knows everything so nothing is new to him.
    The future of what’s to come i believe is more so present to him.
    He knew what you would be like, he knew how you would feel and he knew what your faith would be like….Does this sound familiar?

    “Truly I tell you, this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”

    As i mentioned in another post, i believe the lord does work through people and this be why you have so much support behind you.

    Another video i watched i want to quote from goes through the wars of Israel since 1948 just hours after Israel was declared a nation and how they were invaded, this might make sense when i’m done.

    Since 1948 all wars and operations they’ve been involved in has been against all odds, and where are they today?…Still standing.
    I think it was in 1967 Sinai, Egypt and the Jordanians has a plot and were ready to move into Israel.
    After Israel went against all operation commands, they made the first move and took them out on their own base.

    This guy says “Our Generals are like peacocks, they really are very proud and arrogant thinking it’s not God who fought for us…we did it.”

    So what’s the moral to this?
    The moral is that although it seems like the works and everything is being done by us, it is us doing it physically but it’s the work or miracle of God that communicates with us so we feel what we feel and it’s the opportunity and tools that he gives us to accomplish it.

    So all in all, never feel alone and if you do, try to imagine Jesus sitting beside you and talk to him as if he is there in person.
    It seems we talk to ourselves when we record vlogs but in the end we’re talking to our audience on youtube or else where.
    So what’s the difference? well there’s 2 actually.

    1) You’re not recording yourself (although you can 🙂 )
    2) You’re talking to someone who has all full control over everything and who is there.

    I do it myself, it’s a weird feeling if you’re not used to it of course lol but that feeling wares off.
    A Youtube star RomanAtWood stated in a video “Find something you have fear in doing and just go for it”

    Ok, i have to leave this page now cause this isn’t even a comment anymore…This is article in itself that i could title “He knows all He sees all He’s everywhere” lol

    Ok, cya and God bless you all

    Father, i thank you for giving her a platform to speak on, a platform to speak your word so that others can see it.
    Many can see the trials that she has faced over the years and the works you have done to bring your Joy out.
    I pray that those who read what she writes will believe and come to faith in you father.
    I thank you father for bringing people to her side including you to show support and comfort to her and her dad for their loss.
    I pray that you will continue to provide your joy onto them father and that you touch them and let them know that they’re never alone.
    In Jesus name i pray, Amen

    • Pen of the Sheep

      March 21, 2015 at 7:48 pm

      Amen, Amen!! You are a wise man my dear brother! I thank your for your never ending love and support! My the Lord bless you greatly!!!!

  2. Terri

    March 21, 2015 at 8:27 pm



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