Fellowship Friday!

10 Apr

Hello everyone! Happy friday! This week for me has been pretty good. After many suggestions my heart was finally softened and opened to trying a new coping idea when it comes to dealing with Jeffery’s passing. Stay tuned for a new addition to my blog! This week’s message is about never giving up, even when it seems like all odds are against you. You just might be surprised by what could happen! A man was in an accident and ended up in a coma. The doctors said that there was a 10% chance he would wake from his coma. They told is wife she should pull the plug as the odds were so low. At the time of the accident he and his wife had only been married for 7 months. She was not ready to give up. So after a time in the hospital she brought him home. She cared for him 24/7. By the grace of God alone one day he woke up and said he was trying. Through everything she never gave up on him, she never lost hope of him one day coming back to her. This is much like God would never give up on us. He is always here for us, waiting patiently for us, caring for us, loving us, nurturing us. So while things can seem hard, or impossible  just know that no matter what God will be here for us! God bless each and everyone of you and your families. Have a safe, fun and God filled weekend!
Find this story and many more here!


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2 responses to “Fellowship Friday!

  1. jasonedwin23

    April 11, 2015 at 12:02 am

    Only God can determine one’s date of birth and date of death.
    What’s wonderful is seeing the will of strength from him when he woke up one day and said “I’m trying” now that’s what i call strength by the lord.
    Another glorious thing was how much faith his wife had in him, no matter what others told her.
    This just goes to show that no matter how bad a situation is, have faith in the lord and anything is possible, at his will.
    Looking forward to the addition 🙂


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