Woot!! \m/

26 Apr

What an amazing night!!! Tonight was the concert. I thought it was the benefit concert for Jeffery but that one is later. Tonight one of the bands Jeffery was the front man for played with his best friend doing to vocals. It was AMAZING! It was a hardcore show, the kind of music that sounds like they are just screaming :). I was soooo nervous about going. Both my brothers are into that music scene, covered in tattoos, stretched ears the whole nine. Me…..I am the polar opposite! I have 4 tattoos, most of the time only 2 show, my ears aren’t stretched crazy big. Pretty much I am “preppy” compared to them. I enjoy the music but definitely don’t fit the stereotype of a hardcore kid lol. Who needs stereotypes?! One wouldn’t think being “average” or “normal” would make someone be the black sheep, but it does! Lol. There were 6 bands that played and 4 of them gave shout outs to Jeffery! I was worried that being around his friends and that would make me sad or miss him more, but I am happy! Yes you read right! I am happy! It was as though he was there with us! I can’t get over the impact he made in this world! We are hearing about bands all over north america giving him shout outs and dedicating sets to him! So for tonight I will hold onto this feeling! God bless and enjoy your Sunday! Good night!

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