Psalm 13 in my eyes

14 Aug

How long will this go on Abba? Does this pain have no end? Will I be forced to go on like this forever? How much longer will You keep Your back to me? Why must you hide Yourself from me? Your face? Your love? How much longer do I have to figure this out on my own? For how long will I have to seek advice from within? I don’t know the answers! All the while my heart is broken. I feel the hole of pain and brokenness. I carry it with me all through the day. The pain follows me everywhere I go. A heave yolk has been placed upon me. My advisories stand above me. Looking upon my vulnerability. How long will You allow them to have this power over me? The upper hand? Make Your judgment and answer me God! I must I sit in wait? Hear me oh Lord! Let me understand all of this. Grant me clarity in all of this! My thoughts and heart are wasting away into nothingness. This death has overcome me. Let me not die this death every dawn. While my for stand above me. Looking down upon my weakness. Watching me shake in fear of this never ending pain. I trust my my Lord my God. I know of Your lovingkindness. My heart races at the thought of Your salvation. I rejoices in this will end, because of Your never ending grace and love. You will save me! I will praise You all the days I am upon this land. You oh Lord my God have blesses me so. The gifts of Your love makes me sing a joyous song.

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