25 Jan

My surgeon is very concerned by what is going in so she put me on an emergency list to see if I can get into surgery sooner rather than later. They have changed the date twice. I received a call today telling me my newest date is February.11! That is only increasing my stress and anxiety. I thought I had much more time to prepare my mind but I suppose not :/ oh well I have to trust that this is all apart of Gods plans for me. That He is and will be with me, lifting my fear and anxiety off of me. Tomorrow I seen another specialist for something related. Please pray that the Lord works through them and that we may get past off these obstacles. God bless and have an amazing night!


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2 responses to “Update

  1. jasonedwin23

    January 31, 2016 at 3:10 am

    I pray that everything will go well on the 11th.
    It’s great to see that you’re able to get in sooner than later.
    If it was still 2015 you would probably be waiting 3 years lol.
    I pray that the lord will look over you and will give you the strength to get through it and to prepare for it.
    I also pray that the family will be there to support you and be there with you while you go through it.

    God Bless


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