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Fellowship Friday!

Hello all! I pray you had a wonderful week! Mine was pretty okay, a few lows but more highs than lows! I would like to apologize for my very brief and impersonal post last Friday. Some days I handle Jeffery’s loss better than others, and that day I chose not to deal with it very well. My apologies. I am a work in progress,  but the Lord is seeing me through everyday! Now onto this week’s fellowship! As many of you know the homeless and homeless awareness are two of my passions, and my heart swells with joy anytime someone helps ones of our fallen brothers or sisters. More so though when it is a child helping them. As cliche as it sound, children really are the future! One of these little one just might end homelessness one day! That is my prayer! A mother took her son to a local waffle house for dinner and he noticed a man with a rough appearance, never having seen a homeless person before he didn’t understand why he looked the way he did. As all little ones do when something is unfamiliar to them, he started asking him mom questions. His mother explained that being homeless meant the man didn’t have a home. The boy insisted that his mother should buy the gentleman dinner. When they brought the food to him the little boy insisted once more. This time that they pray before they ate. This little boy had a restaurant full with 11 people in tears as he rang his prayers up to the heavens! I love the purity of a child heart! They are uninhibited, they don’t care if people look at them or think they are strange. They are not self conscious, they just do what they feel is right! I love it! Okay everyone I pray you all have a safe, fun and God filled weekend! God bless you all!
You can find the whole story and many more here!

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Fellowship friday

Hello all! I pray you had a wonderful God filled week! I am in quite a nasty mood today. It is just one of those days Jeffery days. I apologize I am going to make this brief, as my brain doesn’t have many nice things to think :(. God bless all of you and have a safe God filled May long weekend!

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Fellowship Friday!!!

Hello everyone,  and happy weekend before Christmas!  This time of year makes so grateful for what I have and for the birth of our Savior. Our Savior who was born in barn essentially. The was no room in the inn. As many of you know my heart and passion outside of my faith, is homelessness. This time of year the weather is getting quite cold not only at night but during the day. So many of the homeless people that would normally stay out doors rush to the shelters. There are some nights that there simply isn’t any room for them. Thus them being left in the cold. Though many people have a less than nice opinion of the homeless,  they couldn’t be more wrong. In my experience they are quite kind and gentle. They would do what the can to help anyone,  regardless who they are. This story is a prime example of how much they are just like you and I. I encourage you to read this beautiful article of a homeless man helping a stranded woman and her outstanding reaction!  God bless all of you and if I don’t get another post in Merry Christmas!

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Fellowship Friday!!!!


I absolutely love this story!! It shows the love and compassion men still have for one another! These three men seen someone who was in need and did what needed to be done. While most people would ask questions they just did what they could! On a personal note with being stuck on crutches this past week or so I have encountered quite a few people who have been very kind, opening doors and such, they have been a true blessing! God bless all of you! Have a safe God filled weekend!

You can find this story and many more at

P.S. Thank you all very much for your prayers for my mom she is home and doing much, much better!!!!!


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