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Today I am off to the pediatrist! I am praying that God sees fit to use the doctor as His healer. I have been told that my foot isn’t ever going to be “normal” but I will take anything! I am not picky 🙂 Even if I am able to get a few answers I will consider today a success. For those of you who don’t know, we were in a car accident two years ago and my ankle got broken as well as strains, sprains and impact damage. Then I was in a air cast for 10 months, yes 10 months from march to January. I have been left with a limp, picture how a penguin walks, that’s me. Recently I was standing making dinner and my ankle decided it was over it and I was on crutches for two weeks and the cane full time for two weeks, and now if I walk long distances I have to use it or if I am more sore than usual. I miss having a normal foot. You don’t realize just how much you take it for granted, being able to walk, climb stairs even walk up an incline! Soooo hopefully God works His capable hands through this doctor and I receive any amount of healing, or answers. God bless all of you! May the Lord guide you and bless you throughout your day today! If you are observing Ramadan many blessings to you this month!

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