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Fellowship Friday

This weeks fellowship friday is going to be a little different. The topic is bullying. In elementary school I was bullied, like for the full 6 years! It was not terrible bullying, not like a lot of children today. It was mainly verbal (sticks and stones right? NOPE!) I guess you could say I got beat up once in the third grade, my friend was being bullied and when I went to stand up for him they pushed me through a fence. My heart hurt much more than my body! This morning I was sitting outside and one of the neighbor girls was walking to school we said good morning, I asked her if she was going to have a better day today, (yesterday when she was walking home from school she was crying, we thought she was but weren’t sure. By the time we realized she really was crying, she was a few doors from her home.) She response made me cry, she said after school yesterday a mean girl beat her up!!!! We are talking about a 3-4th grader at the most! This poor child had to feel those terrible feeling that most of us adults had. Mind you just because we are grown adult that does not make us exempt from bullying. I don’t know how many times I have felt the pains of bullying as an adult. The beautiful part of that though, we have the ability to shake it off! I have a secret love for a few of Taylor Swift’s songs, and Shake it off is my absolute favorite!!! I don’t know if you have heard it or if you have really listened to the words, but oh my goodness!! This morning after talking to neighbor girl this song came on and I cried again! Not because I was sad though, it was because I realized I was a fool! I was having a conversation with David this week and he pretty much said the same thing as the song! It took feeling sad and vulnerable and hearing the message in a song to really appreciate and understand what he was trying to tell me! I like to put up a fake tough front, then go and cry in the corner. Let me re-phrase that I USED to put up a fake front, then go and cry in a corner. Now? I am going to keep my chin up and my focus on God! I am sending prayers of love and healing to any man, woman, and child that may be suffering from the effect of bullying. You are handsome, beautiful, and just the way God intended you to be! God bless all of you have a safe and wonderful God filled weekend! Don’t forget to shake it off!!! 😀

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Ugly. That was the name we called a boy in high school. This one day a boy made some terrible (yet irrelevant) comment to one of my friends and being a nasty teenager I made some comment about him being ugly. As time went by it turned into him being named ugly by all of our friends and those around us, it typically came on the bus home, we pronounced it “ooo-ga-lay”. We tormented this poor kid for our entire sophomore year. I actually don’t know his name, when I had fb I tried to find him on our school page, but nothing. I seen him once after high school but he acted like he didn’t know me. Not long after that I came into my faith. My thoughts returned to the boy I tormented. I feel absolutely terrible. The fact that I don’t even know his name just compounds the guilt. I have prayed to God for forgiveness, but I seek his forgiveness as well. I question how I could be so cruel, how I could treat another human in that way. I know I was just a teenager and they do stupid things. That is no excuse! I was bullied as a child, elementary, and I knew how it felt. Yet for some unknown reason to me this one person was the exception?! I don’t know, I just pray he can forgive me and that God gives me the opportunity to ask him myself. Have you ever been bullied or been the one doing the bullying?

*If you are the boy in the back of the bus, I know that I don’t deserve it, but I pray you are able to forgive me for my cruel actions and words. Nothing you said in the begging justified us treating you in this way. I am very sorry, I pray for your forgiveness. God bless you.


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