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My surgeon is very concerned by what is going in so she put me on an emergency list to see if I can get into surgery sooner rather than later. They have changed the date twice. I received a call today telling me my newest date is February.11! That is only increasing my stress and anxiety. I thought I had much more time to prepare my mind but I suppose not :/ oh well I have to trust that this is all apart of Gods plans for me. That He is and will be with me, lifting my fear and anxiety off of me. Tomorrow I seen another specialist for something related. Please pray that the Lord works through them and that we may get past off these obstacles. God bless and have an amazing night!


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You make me doubt my place with the Lord
You make me doubt He could love me
You stop me with doubt from doing that in which I am called

You give me such fear of my salvation
You make me fear the Lords wrath
You cause me fear and stop me in my tracks

You cause me to be ashamed of who I am
You cause me to feel shame in my actions
You cause me to be ashamed to call myself a Christian


You can’t take the love of my Lord
You can’t change the way He loves me
You can’t change that He loves me the way He made me

He gives me strength in all I do
He carries me through all
He gives me the ability to be who I am

He grants me courage to stand without you
He gives me courage to face my fears
He gives me courage to be who I am

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Fellowship Friday!

Hello everyone! Happy friday! This week for me has been pretty good. After many suggestions my heart was finally softened and opened to trying a new coping idea when it comes to dealing with Jeffery’s passing. Stay tuned for a new addition to my blog! This week’s message is about never giving up, even when it seems like all odds are against you. You just might be surprised by what could happen! A man was in an accident and ended up in a coma. The doctors said that there was a 10% chance he would wake from his coma. They told is wife she should pull the plug as the odds were so low. At the time of the accident he and his wife had only been married for 7 months. She was not ready to give up. So after a time in the hospital she brought him home. She cared for him 24/7. By the grace of God alone one day he woke up and said he was trying. Through everything she never gave up on him, she never lost hope of him one day coming back to her. This is much like God would never give up on us. He is always here for us, waiting patiently for us, caring for us, loving us, nurturing us. So while things can seem hard, or impossible  just know that no matter what God will be here for us! God bless each and everyone of you and your families. Have a safe, fun and God filled weekend!
Find this story and many more here!


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New year new beginnings!?

It’s a new year and already life has thrown it’s first curve ball. That’s OK though. I know my God and I know He will deliver us from the trial set before us. We are no longer at the job we’ve worked the last 3+ ish years, due to ownership changes. We weren’t able to stay financially. Though we feel sadness over it, mainly because of our pharmacy patients, we hold out optimism that God will present us with an answer. Perhaps this happened because, at that job, we were unable to attain our own home, and the new job will open that door for us. The beautiful and stressful part is always the unknown! Through all life’s trials and tribulationsĀ  we have seen nothing but our God’s never ending deliverance! That’s not to say it’s going to be easy or pleasant, but we have no choice but to hold on to our faith with both hands. There’s no way we can do it on our own. Please pray we find work soon, very soon, like tomorrow! šŸ˜€ Thank you and God bless!

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