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Fellowship Friday Jan.16 2016

Welcome to the 2016 edition of fellowship Friday! It is late in the day that I am posting this but better late than never. Sometimes timing is everything. It can make all the difference in the world. It can even save a life! This was the case for an American college student. When she first seen Chris it was obvious he was homeless. He was walking around picking up change off the side of the road. Eventually he made his way over to a Dunkin Doughnuts. She watched him count his change to see how much he had presumably to get something to eat. With compassion in her heart she began talking to him. At first she irritated to him, it was clear he didn’t want to talk. Despite that she continued to pester him. Seeing he only had about a dollar she bought him a bagel and a coffee and asked him to sit down with her. Chris obliged. He proceeded to tell her that people usually treated him unkindly because he was homeless. That drugs had “turned him into someone he hated”. That he had lost his mother to cancer, also that he had never met his dad. Chris wanted so bad to be a man his mom could be proud of. The two spoke for hours. Chris was one of the most honest and sincere people she had ever met. Unfortunately time was no longer on their side, she had to return to class. Upon telling Chris this he asked if she could wait a moment longer before she left. He pulled out a crumpled old receipt and a pen, once he was finished he handed the paper to her apologizing for the shaky handwriting. Once she got to her car she opened the scrap of paper. What was written there was likely not what she had ever expected. 

I wanted to kill my self today. Because of u I now do not. Thank u, beautiful person.”

Praise the Lord! It is amazing how God puts us at different places at different times. That He puts love and compassion in our hearts to reach out or help our fellow brothers and sisters. This story really has nothing to do with giving anything monetary to someone less fortunate. While yes she did buy him a coffee and a bagel, the greatest thing she had given him was a compassionate ear and time. This man was likely at the lowest point in his life. So much so he wanted to kill himself, but it wasn’t Chris’ day. This college student through compassion and love saved a mans life. A common phrase that drives me bonkers is “time is money”. While yes in some instances this is a true statement, I feel it minimizes the true power and value of time. As we see here time has the power to control life and death. A human life is so very precious and the time we have with one another is so limited. I encourage all of you take a look at how you value time. Is time money? Can the value of time really be measured? God bless each and every one of you and your families. In the week ahead please take that extra moment as you never know what difference it can make. Thank you and always have a safe, fun, God filled weekend. For this article and many more click here.


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Fellowship Friday!

Hello all! I pray you had a wonderful week! Mine was pretty okay, a few lows but more highs than lows! I would like to apologize for my very brief and impersonal post last Friday. Some days I handle Jeffery’s loss better than others, and that day I chose not to deal with it very well. My apologies. I am a work in progress,  but the Lord is seeing me through everyday! Now onto this week’s fellowship! As many of you know the homeless and homeless awareness are two of my passions, and my heart swells with joy anytime someone helps ones of our fallen brothers or sisters. More so though when it is a child helping them. As cliche as it sound, children really are the future! One of these little one just might end homelessness one day! That is my prayer! A mother took her son to a local waffle house for dinner and he noticed a man with a rough appearance, never having seen a homeless person before he didn’t understand why he looked the way he did. As all little ones do when something is unfamiliar to them, he started asking him mom questions. His mother explained that being homeless meant the man didn’t have a home. The boy insisted that his mother should buy the gentleman dinner. When they brought the food to him the little boy insisted once more. This time that they pray before they ate. This little boy had a restaurant full with 11 people in tears as he rang his prayers up to the heavens! I love the purity of a child heart! They are uninhibited, they don’t care if people look at them or think they are strange. They are not self conscious, they just do what they feel is right! I love it! Okay everyone I pray you all have a safe, fun and God filled weekend! God bless you all!
You can find the whole story and many more here!

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Fellowship Friday

Hello all! Happy Friday!  Well in my case this week it’s not very happy, quite grumpy actually, I have been very sick all week. Tis flu season! On that note my brain is complete mush! So I apologize for the lame post. This local pizza parlor got its patrons to donate a dollar, in order to give a slice of pizza to a homeless person. Here is the whole post! May you all have a safe, God filled weekend! God bless!


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Ohhhhhh. My. Goodness!!!

I can’t possibly cry anymore tonight!! I think I posted the first part of this video, but if not I will now! The follow up video is absolutely overfilled my heart with joy (and a whole lot of tears!!!) God bless all of you!


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Fellowship Friday!!

Hello all! Happy Friday! I pray you all had an extremely blessed week. Once again my heart and fellowship falls with the homeless. Please watch this video, I could have filled 3 buckets with the tears I cried watching it. Please ignore the last segment of the video. Also if in your travels this weekend you come across a homeless person please offer a little fellowship to them, it doesn’t have to be monetary, even just a hello or God bless you :-)…. I pray you all have a safe, fun God filled weekend! God bless you all!
Top 10 – Helping the homeless – Part 2:


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Fellowship Friday!!!

Hello everyone,  and happy weekend before Christmas!  This time of year makes so grateful for what I have and for the birth of our Savior. Our Savior who was born in barn essentially. The was no room in the inn. As many of you know my heart and passion outside of my faith, is homelessness. This time of year the weather is getting quite cold not only at night but during the day. So many of the homeless people that would normally stay out doors rush to the shelters. There are some nights that there simply isn’t any room for them. Thus them being left in the cold. Though many people have a less than nice opinion of the homeless,  they couldn’t be more wrong. In my experience they are quite kind and gentle. They would do what the can to help anyone,  regardless who they are. This story is a prime example of how much they are just like you and I. I encourage you to read this beautiful article of a homeless man helping a stranded woman and her outstanding reaction!  God bless all of you and if I don’t get another post in Merry Christmas!

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Fellowship Friday

Hello all! Happy Friday once again! This week’s story is one of giving. A homeless fellow was in a music store looking at guitars, he picked one and started playing it and singing. He asked how much the guitar was and was told it was $159. He said he would have to go out and beg in order to be able to afford it. A man who was in the store getting his daughters saxophone repaired, overheard the conversation said he would buy it for him. The homeless man was nearly brought to tears by a complete strangers generosity. So many times in the bible we see and hear about the joy music brings to God. I love music! And can’t imagine how God feels when He hears one of His children playing. Expecially if they are playing with a gift of generosity!! God bless all of you and have a safe God filled weekend!
You can find this story and more at sunnyskyz news.

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