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Urgent prayer request

Please pray for my amazing mama she is in the emergency room right now and not doing well. Please pray they find out what’s wrong and heal her.


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I am sorry

I have been absent for some time now and just this past few days have I had any desire to put the pen to paper. Since losing Jeff I have lost my will and desire to write. It was a passion both he and I shared. He was my biggest cheerleader! Now, though I still have love and support around me I just can’t. When I do as you have seen it is quite depressing. I am trying, not hard enough I am sure. It’s as though I’ve put cotton balls of anger in my ears and I just cannot hear the Lord. I know this is my own doing but am unable or unwilling to take them out right now. I don’t know what I need or what I want even. I just known, as it was put to me recently, this anger is a black hole. It keeps sucking me in deeper and deeper into a very dark lonely place. I don’t even know what I am angry about honestly, or who I am angry with even. I am just mad. Mad at everything and nothing! I am not mad at God though, this I am pretty sure of. He doesn’t control the will of man, so I cannot blame Him for the choices that were made. I pray that he softens my heart and removes this anger from me. I know He won’t interfere with my free will, but I pray that through softening my heart I am able to let it go! I don’t know, I apologize. I figured I owed an apology for my recent absence. Please just pray for me and my broken heart. Hearts aren’t like bones. You can’t just put a cast on it and six weeks your mended. Sorry again. God bless and thank you for reading my senseless ramblings!


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Prayer request!

Hey everyone sorry I’ve been absent the past couple weeks! Life has been a little sticky and stinky lately. Please pray for my mama! She goes in for surgery this morning and with her health issues she is at a bit of a risk. Thank you and God bless you!! I will have my fellowship Friday actually done this week! 🙂 God bless and thank you again!

Lord I pray that you lay your healing hand upon mama. Guide and work through the hands of those who will be operating on her today. Please give us and her great strength and healing. I pray this on Jesus name.
Amen, Amen


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Fellowship Friday!!!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to all of you! This has been quite challenging for me. I have been very sad, angry and moody. Basically very emotional. It is getting easier. We have the benefit concert for Jeffery tomorrow. Please pray it goes very well and there is lots of money raised for mental health awareness. Also for strength and healing for the family and all of those effected by Jeffery’s passing.
Onto this weeks fellowship Friday! This beautiful story brought tears to my eyes! A 22yr oldcollege student summoned an Uber cab. It was a ride that would change both the student and the driver. The young man was speaking to the driver Mr.Broskey a 69 year real estate agent and Uber driver, while on the way to meet his friends. Mr.Broskey told him that he was working both jobs to save as much money as he could before he passed away to ensure his daughter and grandchildren, a part time waitress, could keep the home after he passed. She wouldn’t be able to on her own. He then informed the student that he was given 2-10 weeks to live as he has terminal cancer of the ears, nose and throat. His doctors told him to start looking for a hospice to spend his final days in. He refused to because of his concern for his daughter and grandchildren. The student took it upon himself to open Mr.Brosky a “Go fund me”account. Within 5 days they reached $100000!!! Praise the Lord! It was enough to pay the remaining $95000 of the mortgage! That was even after “God fund me” took their fee’s off. This story just warms my heart. It goes to show that everyone is able to make a difference if their hearts are in something!! Big or small. I would imagine Mr.Broskey would never have expected his fair would turn out the way it did! God bless all of you. Please pray the family and friends of both the student and Mr.Broskey. Have a safe, fun and God filled weekend!!!! You can find this story and many more here.


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Quick prayer requests!

Hi I am asking for prayers for Gorbachoff and spiff (younger brother and sister in law) they are facing some trials right now and need some prayer warriors on their side! God bless you and thank you!


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Fellowship Friday

This weeks fellowship friday is going to be a little different. The topic is bullying. In elementary school I was bullied, like for the full 6 years! It was not terrible bullying, not like a lot of children today. It was mainly verbal (sticks and stones right? NOPE!) I guess you could say I got beat up once in the third grade, my friend was being bullied and when I went to stand up for him they pushed me through a fence. My heart hurt much more than my body! This morning I was sitting outside and one of the neighbor girls was walking to school we said good morning, I asked her if she was going to have a better day today, (yesterday when she was walking home from school she was crying, we thought she was but weren’t sure. By the time we realized she really was crying, she was a few doors from her home.) She response made me cry, she said after school yesterday a mean girl beat her up!!!! We are talking about a 3-4th grader at the most! This poor child had to feel those terrible feeling that most of us adults had. Mind you just because we are grown adult that does not make us exempt from bullying. I don’t know how many times I have felt the pains of bullying as an adult. The beautiful part of that though, we have the ability to shake it off! I have a secret love for a few of Taylor Swift’s songs, and Shake it off is my absolute favorite!!! I don’t know if you have heard it or if you have really listened to the words, but oh my goodness!! This morning after talking to neighbor girl this song came on and I cried again! Not because I was sad though, it was because I realized I was a fool! I was having a conversation with David this week and he pretty much said the same thing as the song! It took feeling sad and vulnerable and hearing the message in a song to really appreciate and understand what he was trying to tell me! I like to put up a fake tough front, then go and cry in the corner. Let me re-phrase that I USED to put up a fake front, then go and cry in a corner. Now? I am going to keep my chin up and my focus on God! I am sending prayers of love and healing to any man, woman, and child that may be suffering from the effect of bullying. You are handsome, beautiful, and just the way God intended you to be! God bless all of you have a safe and wonderful God filled weekend! Don’t forget to shake it off!!! 😀

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Prayer request

Hi everyone! I pray you are all having a wonderful God filled week! I am requesting prayers for my big brother (we’re calling him David). He is having a bad few days. Please pray for him. Thank you in advance. God bless you all and I pray you have a God filled rest of your week!

We ask that you be with David Lord. Guide him according to your will. Lay Your healing hand upon his broken heart. Grant him strength in copping with the trials he is facing. Lord I ask that You grant him all that You are. We pray that Your will be done Lord. We pray this in Jesus name.
Amen, Amen


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