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Fellowship Friday!

Hey everyone! Happy friday! It has been a great week for us! We got awesome news about my mom’s health, reunited with old friends as well as found fellowship with them! It was great! We have known them for five or so years and had no idea. We’d made Christian comments to one another but never came right out with it. Until yesterday! It’s a wonderful feeling! As many of you know I have suffered with PTSD for the last three years. This week’s story is about a US Marine who, after leaving the service due to a series of traumatic brain injuries, found himself suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Jared Heine had a companion while in Afghanistan, Spike a bomb sniffing combat dog. When Jared returned to the United States he was separated from Spike. Jareds mother noticed that when he would talk about Spike his mood would lift. Seeing a way to help Jared, his mother worked through Facebook and the military to try to reunite the two. Spikes current owner agreed to meet. At the time Spike was working with the Virginia capitol police K-9 unit. Paired with officer Laura Taylor, when she seen the reunion she decided that the friends belonged together. I love that society is realizing the severity and seriousness that is PTSD. There are now numerous organizations in North America that are working to help servicemen and women in coping with this disorder. I just love this story! The bonds that people make with animals is glorious! My mama is also a great testament to the power of this bond. My mama has a fear of going outdoors, and had almost given up on herself before she had gotten her dog. It was night and day! She came out of her shell and doesn’t hide herself away very much anymore. I pray you all have a safe and fun weekend! God bless all of you!
You can find this story and many more like it here.


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This has been my week :-/


So, as if having one bad foot wasn’t bad enough, I now have two bad feet :-/ I guess saying both feet would have been sufficent it’s not like I have more than two feet!! Lol Anyways! All of this I blame on my right foot!!!! Why you ask? Well, because I can’t move my right foot properly and because I have to wear a stabilizing brace. That means I wasn’t able to twist/bend my right foot properly to adjust my step when I was going down a set of stairs. Soooo down the stairs I went, only two stairs mind you, but it was enough to tear three ligaments, severely sprain my ankle and receive a mild concussion (boney shoulder?)! Like a fool I let my PTSD get way out of hand, because of the injury to my left foot it brought me back to the car accident (when I injured my right foot) in my mind. My Bubby kept telling me I wasn’t in an car accident, but that I had just fallen down a few stairs, but my mind wouldn’t hear it. It probably took 4-5 hrs for me to mentally accept it. I am a very independent person and don’t like having to rely on people or them having to do things for me, aside from my Bubby that is, it just bothers me. I prefer to do thing’s for myself. I understand that it’s ok to ask for and get help when you need it. I don’t know if it’s my ego or what but I can’t stand it! I have however sucked it up a little bit and asked for some help, my poor Bubby, (whome has bronchitis) he’s been running around getting and doing thing’s for me, all while being so patient and kind dispite how crummy he feels and Bubby if you’re reading this I thank you so very much! I am able to still cook though, again thanks to my Bubby! He set up an office chair in the kitchen so I can just roll around and do what I need to! He is fully capable of cooking but I don’t like him doing it lol only because I am a control freak and he doesn’t do it the way I would do it I guess. Short story made very long I am back on my bff crutches and because of having to take pain medications for my foot I didn’t blog this week. Trust me you would not want to read my narcotic induced writing, it’s terrible! Like actually, it’s really bad! That’s also why my fellowship friday blog was just a picture instead of me retelling it in my own words (which I prefer), because of being medicated most the week I didn’t have the time to put the proper amount of work into it. We can’t work for the next 6-8 weeks (oh! If I may ask for prayers of quick healing please) so hopefully next weeks will be a lot better! Thank you and may you all have a God filled weekend and please be safe! 😉 Until next time God bless!!


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I love sleep! It is one of my favourite hobbies! lol Most people wouldn’t consider it a hobby I suppose, but I love it. It’s a great opportunity to escape the real world. When I sleep I don’t have any health limitations. I don’t have PTSD. I don’t have fears for the future, of today, tomorrow, or yesterday. I do still have the nightmares a few nights a week, but they usually only last a few minutes a couple times a night. If I don’t let them take over my mind I slow my breathing focus on a heart beat and back off to lala land I go! I have tried lots of different relaxation techniques some have worked others not so much. Even with the nightmares I love sleep! Just being healthy and without limitation is amazing, even if it is only in my sleep. I will take what I can get! Never mind that when I sleep God comes to me, what better reason is that?

This is the last instalment of the atozchallenge I am excited and bummed. Excited because I can write when and what I want and sad because I will miss talking to all of you everyday. Sooooooo it has been fun and wonderful and I pray we will still talk after tonight! God bless every one of you exceptionally those of you I have really connected with! You know who you are I hope!


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What is your God given talent?

Do you have a God given talent? If so what is it? How do you use it? Do you hide from it? I believe mine is my writing, I hope it is anyways! I was recently talking to my cousin J, he is fairly new to the faith. The way that he can interpret the scriptures is unlike any I have seen! I am trying to encourage him to blog it and share with the world his God given ability. Here are a few people I follow that I believe are using their God given talents!

She has offered me more support and strength towards my healing than my psychologist!

I am so envious of her God given talents!

She always finds a way to lift my sinners heart!

He has a great mind! He is truly blessed.


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So as some of you may know I suffer from PTSD caused by a car accident we were in 2 years ago. A part of my coping mechanisms for my PTSD are when we are driving, is that when someone does something stupid in traffic I kind of tend to scream and yell obscenities at people, if I do this my ticks and glitches seem to ease up and sometimes I can even get past the event without them! Sometimes. If I don’t, typically I have anxiety, cry, snap my fingers and click my teeth until I do it just the right way and then they go away, this can take 5 min to 2 1/2 days (that was the longest it ever lasted). Before the accident I would not react at all. I am not proud of my reactions, but when I first got back into a car I would just sit and cry. Throwing a few unpleasant words around that only the two of us hear, isn’t so bad in comparison. I don’t know what all of my triggers are yet but I pray that I soon will so that I can one day get over this and move forward. What situation makes you obscene if any?


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When does this end?

Tonight I was jolted awake with another nightmare. It’s the same one I have been having since the car accident. You’d think that after this long they would be done. I have been awake for a couple hours now trying to get the anxiety to stop. No such luck. I really need to call my psychologist and get back in talking to her. I just struggle with her methods. It’s like her way of helping is by me brainwashing myself. I dunno maybe I just need to get past myself and trust her. I know that God will deliver me from this I just have to learn to let go and let Him work through the tools He has offered me. Good night and good riddens! Until tonight have a God filled blessed day!


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